US Judge Dismisses Ashley Judd’s suit against Weinstein

A federal judge in the US state of California again rejected the claim of actress Ashley Judd, who accuses film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, according to the weekly “Variety”

According to “Variety”, Judd says that in late 1996 – early 1997, Weinstein harassed her in a hotel room, but she managed to leave. Later, according to the actress, Weinstein “revenge”, spoiling her reputation in the film industry, resulting in Judd lost the opportunity to play a number of roles, including in the film trilogy”Lord of the rings.” 

As the newspaper writes, in September 2018, a federal judge in California, Philip Gutierrez, ruled that the court could not accept Judd’s lawsuit, because at the time of the alleged harassment, Judd and Weinstein were in a professional relationship that was not covered by the harassment laws at the time. In this case, the judge took up the point of the application, where Weinstein is accused of distributing defamatory information. 

After Judd filed a suit for harassment, the law was amended, according to which the court could take such a lawsuit. But on Wednesday, judge Gutierrez ruled that Judd’s lawsuit could still not be accepted, as the new rules do not apply to previously filed lawsuits. 

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing court documents, that the trial of Weinstein, who is accused of rape, will begin on May 6 in a court in Manhattan. 

A scandal in Hollywood broke out when one of the most influential us film producers Weinstein was accused of harassment dozens of women, including Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman and Judd. Weinstein, on a wave of accusations, was dismissed from his own company, and the authorities in New York began investigating him. In June, the producer pleaded not guilty in court, but a month later, new charges were brought against him.

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