US Secretary of Defense James Mattis met with the president at the White House and resigned from his post.

In his letter to the President, Mattis said that due to insurmountable disagreements with Trump on a number of key issues, he could not continue his work in his administration. 
The impetus for the resignation of Mattis was Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, with which the Secretary of Defense strongly disagreed. 

In his letter, Mattis also wrote that he could not accept a policy that worsens relations with the allies. The strength of the United States, as Mattis pointed out, is in unity with allies, with countries that share common values with America. “We cannot defend our interests or effectively fulfill this role (the leader of the Western world) without supporting strong alliances with allies and showing respect for these allies,” Mattis wrote. 

Mattis also pointed out that Russia and China, trying to establish an authoritarian order in the world, are rivals of the United States, seeking to establish an order advantageous to them, at the expense of the interests of their neighbors. The United States must be firm and consistent in their rejection of such a policy. 

James Mattis, as described in Bob Woodward’s book “Fear”: Trump in the White House, consistently and consistently spoke at all meetings with the President against his proposals to withdraw American troops from South Korea, Afghanistan and Syria, against the position of the President, in accordance with which allies should pay America for their defense (on the contrary, Mattis emphasized the need for consistent solidarity with the allies), against trade wars with allies. Mattis also consistently spoke in support of Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression, for providing it with military assistance. 

The last day of Mattis as Minister of Defense will be February 28. With his departure, there will be no people left in the administration who can openly express their disagreement with the President’s proposals and his vision of the world order.

Tom Tompson

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