Washington DC's top prosecutor has filed a lawsuit against Facebook

Washington’s Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Facebook for providing access to data from users of Cambridge Analytica. 

The Attorney General of the US capital of Washington, DC, filed a lawsuit against Facebook. 

The lawsuit concerns the provision of access to the data of Facebook users of Cambridge Analytica, “the Voice of America” with reference to the Hill. The data obtained by the company could allegedly be used to influence the result of the presidential elections in the United States in 2016, and to interfere in their course. 

“Facebook did not protect the privacy of its users and deceived them as to who had access to their data and how that data was used,” says Washington Attorney General Carl Racine,”Facebook put user data at risk of manipulation, allowing companies like Cambridge Analytica and others to access personal data without user consent.” 

“This lawsuit is intended to force Facebook to fulfill its own promises to protect the privacy of users,” said the Prosecutor. 

As reported, at the beginning of the year, the media reported that Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis company, collected personal information about more than 50 million Facebook users in developing methods to support the 2016 campaign for President Donald Trump. As a result of the scandal, Facebook was in the spotlight of American legislators and law enforcement. 

The lawsuit in Washington is not the only grim news for Facebook. The American edition of The New York Times, referring to Facebook’s internal documents, reported that the social network provided access to private user data in transactions with technology companies and online stores.

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