Washington promised to cut off source of income to Maduro government

Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Affairs John Bolton wrote on Twitter that the White House is focused on depriving the income of the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. 

We continue to pursue all paths to disconnect the illegitimate Maduro regime from its sources of revenue and ensure that interim President Guaido and the Venezuelan people have the resources and support they need to bring democracy back to Venezuela. 

Earlier, the American authorities announced the introduction of sanctions against the Venezuelan state oil and gas company PDVSA. The United States blocked all PDVSA assets in its jurisdiction, and also banned transactions with them. 

Washington also urged all countries to “immediately” recognize Juan Guaido legitimate interim President of Venezuela. 

On January 23 in the Venezuelan capital Caracas began mass protests against the current President Nicolas Maduro. Parliament Speaker Juan Guaido on the same day declared himself the interim head of state for the duration of the provisional government. 

The United States and some other countries have declared its recognition, demanding that Maduro not allow violent action against the opposition. 

In turn, Nicolas Maduro declared that he was a constitutional president and called the head of the opposition parliament a “puppet of the United States”.

Tom Tompson

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