White House explained why Trump stopped the Shutdown

US President Donald Trump went to meet the Democrats, stopping the “shutdown” for three weeks, due to the fact that many of them began to recognize his rightness in the matter of building a wall on the border with Mexico, but could not act because of the budget crisis, said on Sunday the Acting Head of the White House Office, Mick Mulvaney. 

“He did what he did, because many Democrats came to us … They came and said:” Listen, we agree with you, you won the battle over the need for a barrage on the southern border, but we simply cannot work with you , while state agencies are not working. “And this is very different from what the Democratic leadership says,” he said. 

Trump unexpectedly gave way to Democrats in Congress on Friday and agreed to sign a temporary budget for three weeks, stopping a record-breaking 35-day partial shutdown. 

Trump did not get what he demanded – 5.7 billion dollars in border security and the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, but promised “continue the fun” if the Democrats do not compromise during these three weeks. And his press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said that after 21 days, the president would begin building the wall “with or without Democrats.” 

According to Mulvaney, Trump, by taking this step “is trying to catch some Democrats on their word” and now for the latter it is a chance to demonstrate whether they really worry about the problem of border security. 
Mulvaney confirmed that the president still expects to receive 5.7 billion dollars. According to him, this figure is based on expert assessments and consultations with relevant departments. 

“We have identified 17 places where the construction of barriers is the highest priority to discourage people from crossing the border illegally. That’s about 243 miles (391 km – ed.). That’s what underlies this discussion. This is not a fictional magic figure 5.7 billion dollars “, – said the official. 

According to him, the administration at the same time managed to find even much more funds from other sources of funding in case Trump declares an emergency situation, as he has already threatened, which will allow him to resort to other schemes. 

“But we still think that it is better to get these funds through legislation. But, ultimately, the president is going to ensure the security of borders in one way or another,” said Malvaney. 

During the budget crisis, about a quarter of Federal ministries and agencies did not work, about 800,000 civil servants and more than a million contract employees of the public sector remained without wages. According to the lates news, workers will receive back pay by end of week.

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