Two Years of Presidency: Trump VS All 

Two years will be on Sunday since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. 

In the middle of his four-year term, Trump fights on all fronts – with the elite of American society and with opposition democrats, with allies and potential adversaries in the world. 

Coming to power, Trump promised to cut taxes and achieve rapid economic growth, “get along” with all countries of the world, defeat terrorists in Syria and throughout the Middle East, radically revise the US trade agreements and quit the Paris Climate Agreement, and finally to build a full-length wall of the US-Mexico border. 

Even the most ardent supporters are unlikely to agree with Trump’s assertion that he is the most successful president in American history. At the same time, he had a lot of fulfilled promises. True, mainly due to the fact that in the first two years both chambers of the congress controlled Trump’s party members – Republicans. 

However, there were painful failures. Trump meets the middle of the presidency in a situation of sharp attacks, a record-time standoff with budget congress and endless “Russian investigation” by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who literally flooded the American agenda of recent years and does not speak about any other successes and failures. The current president also did not improve the situation with the rise in prices for medicine, which excites Americans more than Russia, North Korea, Muller and the elections combined. And, of course, did not build a wall on the border. However, Trump has a reason to be proud – the economy.

Tom Tompson

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