YouTube bans prank videos after Bird Box blindfold challenge

The world’s most popular video hosting YouTube announced a ban on dangerous stunts and practical jokes on the background of a wave of videos in which people appear blindfolded. 

The flash mob began after the release of Netflix’s “Bird box” with Sandra Bullock. It shows a post-apocalyptic future where people are forced to do absolutely everything blindfolded, otherwise they face death. Fans began to shoot themselves and others blindfolded for various activities. Some carried out so 24 hours a day. There was even a road accident with participation of drivers with a blindfold on, hoping to make a viral video. 

“Our policies prohibiting harmful and dangerous content also extend to pranks with a perceived danger of serious physical injury. We don’t allow pranks that make victims believe they’re in serious physical danger — for example, a home invasion prank or a drive-by shooting prank. We also don’t allow pranks that cause children to experience severe emotional distress, meaning something so bad that it could leave the child traumatized for life,” – said the administration of YouTube. 

YouTube says it will use child psychologists to determine the criteria by which the ban will be carried out. 
Video hosting said that the video that falls under these criteria can be given a two-month “grace period” for evaluating the content, after which they will be permanently deleted. 

The service did not tell how it will implement its policy in conditions when the platform is literally filled with all sorts of videos with tricks, many of which carry at least the potential risk to participants or viewers. Problems with such videos arose long before Bird Box. Thus, dozens of people have died in recent years around the world, trying to take a selfie in risky circumstances. 

Meanwhile, Netflix announced that 80 million households had already seen the Bird Box in a month. This is a very big number even for Hollywood blockbusters. For example, Aquaman collected 287 million dollars for hire in the same period. With an average ticket price of just under $ 8 as of 2017, this is about 32 million individual viewers. Thus, “Bird Box” has become at times more popular than Aquaman, even if you don’t take into account that several people view the movie on Netflix. 

At the same time, Netflix does not report what is statistics his other hits. The online cinema recently raised the subscription price for North and Latin America by 13–18% against the background of record costs for original content ($ 12 billion a year) and company’s record debt (about $ 14 billion).

Tom Tompson

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